Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rad Times Indeed

So, my senior show has come and gone.  Opening night was way cool and there were a ton of people there to eat our ton of food!  I really wish it could have been up longer than a week, it feels like it barely got a chance.  Oh well.  Here are pictures of some seamless background stuff that looks real professional-like and of the work on display in the gallery.

Ugh What a Drag
stoneware, acrylic, metal leaf, wood / 2010

Dude I'd Totally Smite That
stoneware, acrylic, metal leaf, wood / 2010

Let's Dance on This Mountain
stoneware, acrylic, metal leaf, wood / 2010

stoneware, acrylic / 2010

stoneware, acrylic / 2010

stoneware, acrylic / 2010

stoneware, acrylic, wood / 2010

It's What's For Breakfast
stoneware, fur, leather, brass wire / 2010

Special thanks are in order for the whole SCSU ceramics department, Haley Lynn Smith and her sweet modeling skills, T Wiley Carr and his sweet paint, Rachel Vaters-Carr and her sweet power tools, Alejandra Bolles and her sweet tamales, and Alison K Walsh for being so fantastic to work and show with!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh Man You Should Come!

Hey all!

Just a friendly reminder, December 8th is a whole lot closer than I'd like it to be!  Our work is wrapping up nicely and the show should be pretty sweet.


Southern Connecticut State University

501 Crescent Street 
New Haven, CT, 06515

The gallery is in Earl Hall on the second floor. You should be able to park in lot 5 or 12, which are the two lots on Crescent St.  Here are some more directions and a pdf map, Earl Hall is labeled number 15: http://www.southernct.edu/aboutscsu/map/  Oh, and disregard the notice on the map about having to get a parking pass from campus police, it won't be an issue.

See you in a week!!!!