Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Secret Master #1

Hey Everyone!  The first issue of my comic, Secret Master, is finally available on here!  Dig the preview pics and snag a copy!

Set in Kaunakakai, a tropical island paradise, we follow a culturally rich and progressive community, filled with caring citizens, governed by a refined and benevolent leader: The Mayor!  Backyard cookouts, parades, mischief and skullduggery, high-sea adventures, psychedelic dimensional travel, horrible beasts, death, and new life all await!

The story has three acts, with about 14 issues overall.  I will be printing a small run of each issue, and new issues will be added when they're done.  Enjoy!!!

- snazzy color cover, 32 pages printed on off-white paper, hand bound and numbered edition of 50.
- only $5 plus $1 shipping!

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